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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Must Haves-Take Care Of Yourself!

So ,here it is ,that hot weather that we have been waiting for all winter and spring...Summertime. Hair gets lighter and tan gets darker. Nights get shorter but hotter in every way.And ofcourse ,those beautiful long summer days.... Like a dream come true,right?
Whell,not exactly. Summer brings sun out, and sun brings a lot of danger. If you dont follow the rules,your summer holidays/vacation could turn into summertime sadness.


Eather you are going to spend a day on a beach,go for a walk or maybe shopping, sun cream is your must have! UV rays are everywhere and they are very dangerous even if the weather isn`t that cold.

Nivea Protect & Bronze Sun Lotion

 Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream

If you wan`t to look perfect on summer days ,many beauty products also offer UV protection.

Maybelline offers a lot of UV protective products like this Instant Age Rewind Foundation with SPF 18.

Chanel is really creative when it comes to SPF products. They offer creams, foundations and even Chanel No. 5 with SPF. 


If you want to be beautiful from the outside you need to take care about what you have inside. 60 % of our body is water , and that is why it is so essential for our health and beauty. If you always carry a bottle of water ,you will stay fresh and hydrated ,so as your skin.

  Check out the Sex And the City "covergirl" Jana


No,they are not just a perfect accessories,they are also essential for your health. Almost all the sunglasses have UV protection  mark, but, be careful! Research has shown that many sunglasses actually don`t have UV protection although they have "the mark". So, before you buy your perfect sunglasses consult with someone with more experience and make that buy a good  investment.

   Tom Ford UV Protection sunglasses

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