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Friday, June 28, 2013

Strike a pose!

OK,let`s face it .Kim Kardashian maybe doesn`t have perfect proportions and she often struggles with her weight just like millions of other girls but on her photos,she looks amazing. When she strike a pose-all eyes on her. Well, you don`t need to be Kim Kardashian to get that attention, you just need a couple of "body language " tips and soon,every guy in the club will be looking at you!

The key of getting that attention is Kim`s signature pose,that  is ofteen seen on celebrityes. In animal world that is the pose that female use to get male`s attention.It`s funny but scientists have proven that this also works on men.  It is actually pretty simple:

1. Stand up straight!                                         

2.. Turn your upper body a bit.

3..Gently put your hand on your hip.

4.Belly in.

5.Breast and booty out.

6.Put your hand a bit lower and look
 straight at camera/hot guy/ enemy.


  1. Nice! They certainly know how to pose! ;)

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