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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So I have been checking some online stores lately and   I found some amazing stuff at really low prices!
From classic, timeless Louboutin "Bianca"  pumps to super cute Chloe shopping tote.  Now I know that these are designer pieces and that even they are on sale are still pretty expensive for most of us . That is why   I tried to choose stuff that  are a good investment. Here are  my favourite  on-sale-stuff :

#1  Christian Louboutin black patent leather "Bianca 120" platform pumps at Belle & Clive


Retail: $845.00

"Holy  Bianca" , is certain to give you  height and poise that every lady desires. Whether you wear her troughout the day or to dance the night away , they are always a perfect choice .

#2  Marc by Marc Jacobs  Canvas Wedge Neon Sandals  at Stylebop


Retail: $299.00

Though I`m not sure if these are last year collection or not, they are stil very "IT PIECE" for summer. I just love this bright colour ,and these straps around ankles.

#3  Miu Miu  Coral Pink Patent Leather And Glitter Sole Pumps  at Belle & Clive


Retail: $590.00

These shoes are so amazing because you can wear them on so many diferent ways. They are very cool but also glamorous.

#3 Giuseppe Zanotti  Montana Suede Danny Sandals  at Belle & Clive


Retail: $995.00

These shoes were almost 1000 dollars but now they are 300.  They can definitely give you the height, and this colour is perfect for summer.

#4 Steve Madden  wedge sneakers (Marants alike) at Nordstrom


Retail: $149.00

I have seen many Isabel Marant-alikes so far but these look just like the "real" Marants. So,if you are looking for style for less ...

#5 DKNY   Silver(colour)  Watch at 6pm


Retail: $215.00

It can be worn on everyday occasion but you can also wear it instead of  jewlery on formal occasions.

#6 See by Chloe  Black Signature Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote at Stylebop


Retail: $64.00

It is summer so you can also use it as a beach bag. I really love this one ,it is so cute and it cas be used for so many situations-shopping,beach,school.....

#7 DSQUARED2   Dark chocolate square frame sunglasses at   Stylebop


Retail: $333.00

 Retro inspired look that reminds me on that old Hollywood glamour with these shades.


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    I can see that you're new in blogging and I wish you the best of luck! :) I really like the idea of writing about different things that can be interesting for us, girls and I think you are doing it great! ;)
    I'm not an expert in blogging, I've been doing it only for a month, but I learned that the most important thing is to write and put what you think is the best, enjoy while doing it, because if you not, what's the point, right? And eventually you'll get more experience and you'll know what to make better and how. A good content is always better than many posts without much quality. Also, I think it's good to leave comments on blogs you like, follow them and just be more visible, because that way the others can actually see your blog...
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    1. Hi :* Thank you so much! This really means a lot to me.You obviousy now a lot about blogging,cause I can see it on your blog and through those rave reviews you get every day. Thak you for aal these advices,they are definitely very useful and i will do my best to make this blog as interesting,useful and succesful as it can be.
      Thanks again ,I cant wait for your next outfit and I will follow you on Bloglovin too <3

  2. Wow! You found some great items for even better prices!

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